The cold winter is over here in Christchurch! Spring is popping up all around us. Life goes on here, and as each day gets warmer my Atlanta-trained internal thermometer becomes happier. As this is called the Garden city, Spring is a lovely season in Christchurch. Daffodils are springing up all over town, cherry blossoms are in bloom, and even our blueberry bushes are showing some potential for a decent crop this year (last year we brought in a whopping 18 berries). As the winter turns into spring it’s hard not to think about the scene in Narnia when Aslan starts to break the White Witch’s winter.

Aslan is on the move

Although in fairness, the winter wasn’t terrible. It was actually a good bit warmer than normal. Fortunately, we still managed to get some snow skiing in. It’s pretty cool living in a place where a day trip will get you on the slopes. In total, we skied 5 days this year. Morgan was able to handle it pretty well – a clear sign that she has recovered from her surgery. She even made it down a few black diamonds!

IMG_20140809_115429   Cardrona

Mt Dobson Work is going well for both of us. Morgan loves her new school – Middleton Grange. It’s a Christian school and has an excellent balance of challenge and invitation for the students.

Evan’s job is also going well. He is still growing, learning, and contributing. He was recently part of a team that won two New Zealand marketing awards! They won best technology marketing and best export marketing in the country, so it was a pretty big deal. You can see a bit more about the project and award on the NZMA site. Here are a couple photos of the team:

Marketing awards 1 Marketing awards 2


Much of our free time has been dedicated to planning a 5 week trip through SouthEast Asia. We’ll be visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. We’re pretty excited about the journey and look forward to sharing more with you!

Also, Evan’s getting a bit more into creative film work. Here is a short he just made, check it out! And maybe share it if you like it?


Otherwise, we do miss home still. College football season is always difficult! I also struggle a bit anytime I hear Georgia on my Mind start to play around town. We also sang an Aaron Keyes song in church the other day, which again made us slightly homesick. More than anything, we miss the people. So, if all of you could do us a favor and just move out here that would be awesome!

Talk to you soon, Evan and Morgan

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