Like most blogs, we’ve progressively gotten worse at posting on a regular basis. But good news, we’re posting today!

We’ve had some pretty adventurous experiences over the last few years. Moving to New Zealand, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, releasing lanterns in Thailand for New Years, and running along the Great Wall of China. None of them, of course, could fully prepare us for the next adventure on our ‘bucket list’…

Bucket List


We’re excited to announce that Morgan will be giving birth to Nugget Forester on April 8 (Nugget is a working title, this will change once the baby is born…maybe). We’re very thankful that God has blessed us with this baby. After Morgan’s surgery last year, we’ve been kind of nervous about the possibilities around pregnancy.

But we’re now 21 weeks into it and everything is going well. Easy for me to say, of course, as I didn’t have an epic battle with morning (and day and night) sickness, like Morgan.

She is handling everything like a champ, however, and we can’t wait to meet our first child, to teach them to love God and to live fully.

Most people have asked us about the gender: In keeping with our adventurous spirits, we’re  waiting to find out the sex until it’s born.  We’ve also been asked if we will be giving birth in New Zealand, and the answer is yes. It’s much more affordable, we have the same doctor as we had for Morgan’s surgery, and maternity leave/care is pretty amazing. We love that Nugget will be a dual citizen!

That being said, we do miss home! As soon as Nugget is old enough, we will take him or her on a world tour to meet everyone.

And now for some obligatory pictures…






We would appreciate your prayers greatly! Thanks for faithfully keeping in touch!

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