Tomorrow is a big day for us! We fly out of Atlanta at 2pm as we make our way West. Here is the breakdown of our 28 hour and 20 minute journey:

Atlanta to Charlotte
Charlotte to L.A.
L.A. to Auckland
Auckland to Christchurch

We’ve created a soundtrack for our journey. You can check it out over on the right there and join us in listening to good music about travelling and life.

We’re really excited to arrive in New Zealand. It has been an extremely busy last couple of weeks. We returned home from Kosovo on June 21 and then had to be completely out of our apartment by June 28. That plus work combined for a few chaotic days, but we survived and have enjoyed saying farewell to family and friends over the last couple days.

If we have not had a chance to say goodbye in person, know that we will miss you! We have the most incredible friends and family and you will easily the biggest thing we miss while we’re gone.

Once things start happening there, we’ll be updating you here. Talk to you soon!

And just for kicks…

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This post was by Evan, the uglier half of He loves Lord of the Rings, cheese, and the Atlanta Braves. He makes movies, writes, takes pictures, and enjoys any other form of story telling.

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