Hi everyone! Lots to report on here at the end of the year. 5 things in fact. So let’s get to it!

1) We recently hiked the Milford Track!

This was a big bucket list item for both of us. The Milford Track is known as “the finest walk in the world.” And it is truly spectacular! I could write quite a bit about it, but here is a video recap (which you might have already seen on facebook):

You can also see plenty of pictures here in this gallery:

2) Morgan finished her job and will start at a new school next year.

New Zealand schools just went on summer break. Morgan has had a great time at Tai Tapu primary, but is excited for a new adventure at Middleton Grange. She will certainly miss seeing her friends from work everyday, but she will also enjoy a much shorter commute to work!

3) Our parents are coming to town.

As I write this, my parents are on a plane over the Pacific on their way to New Zealand. Morgan is in Atlanta with her family as they prepare for her brother’s wedding on Saturday. They will fly here shortly after and the 6 of us will celebrate Christmas together in Christchurch. We’ll then be taking them on a tour of New Zealand with several places none of us have been to before.

We’re really excited to show them our home and the new country we live in!

4) Don’t Forget to Look Around:

In case you missed it, I just published a new video on youtube that I’m particularly proud of. Have a look, and if you enjoy it, please share it!

5) Evan just had a 2 week business trip in the USA.

In two weeks, I rode on 12 planes and spent time in Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, California, and Georgia. I accomplished some good work and enjoyed some delicious American food that has been sorely missed. More importantly, it was fun catching up with old friends all over the country. If I didn’t catch you, hopefully I will next time!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Evan and Morgan

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This post was by Evan, the uglier half of EvanandMorgan.net. He loves Lord of the Rings, cheese, and the Atlanta Braves. He makes movies, writes, takes pictures, and enjoys any other form of story telling.

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