For most adventures we pursue, we try to make short video reels to remember highlights from the experience.  It’s also a great way to attach our favorite road trip tunes to opportunities we’ve had. It’s also much quicker to watch videos than to read a long bog post, but the juicy details (and mishaps) are usually well worth reading about if you have the time.

Kepler’s First Six Months, July 2015

Our adventures have changed a bit in the last year with Kepler in tow, but we’re still adventuring all the same! See how we have been #keepingupwithkepler during his first 6 months here.

Great Wall of China, July 2015

We only had 12 hours in Beijing, but made the most of it. Read about it here.

Japan, July 2015

Read about our Journeys in Japan here.

Thailand, Dec 2014- Jan 2015

Part 3 of our Southeast Asian adventure- and definitely one of the most exciting! Read about it here.

Cambodia, Dec 2014

The next stop on our Asian adventure: Cambodia! Read about this hidden gem here.

Vietnam, Dec 2014

Check out our Vietnam blog post here.

Sydney, Australia, Oct 2014

Check out our Aussie adventure in the blog post here.

Red Center & Great Barrier Reef, Australia, April 2014

Camel rides and open water diving on the Great Barrier Reef-check it out here.

A Kiwi Christmas, New Zealand, Dec 2013- Jan 2014

Both sets of parents made it our for Christmas and New Year’s for 3 weeks! An epic trip to read about here.

Milford Track, New Zealand, Nov 2013

Check out our Milford Track blog post here.

Melbourne, Australia, Oct 2013

Check out this SURPRISE adventure down under in the blog post here.

Ohau Stream, Kaikoura, New Zealand, Aug 2013

Skydive Wanaka, New Zealand, June 2013

Happy 4 year anniversary, Evan! Now let’s jump out of a plane. Check out the blog post here.

Kepler Track, New Zealand, March 2013

Our first Great Walk in New Zealand! Check out the blog post here.

Kaikoura Dolphin Swim, New Zealand, Jan 2013

A freezing adventure, but well worth a read here.

South Island Road Trip with the McBryars, New Zealand, Dec 2012

Our first visitors arrive to celebrate our first Christmas abroad! Check out BOTH blog posts, part 1 here and part 2 here.

Arthur’s Pass, July 2012

This was our FIRST adventure after moving to New Zealand. Check out Our Story of moving to New Zealand in July 2012.


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