Today we present a video tour of our new hometown: Christchurch. We started this a few weeks ago, but it took a while to get done because there is so much to see!

There is still a lot of devastation from the Earthquakes, but hope remains as new life springs and rebuilding takes place. In this video, you’ll see Hagley Park, the Avon River, the Botanical Gardens, the Container Mall, the CBD Red Zone, homes, mountains, the beach, and more. If you want to see it all, of course, you’ll just have to swing by and pay us a visit.

Love you guys,
Evan and Morgan

  • SK

    Love this! Mountains and water, y’all are living the life!!

  • atlantamomzilla

    Cleanin’ & cookin’ for Thanksgiving here in the A.T.L. on a 70* fall day and you were in our hearts today. LOVED Sue & Marty’s idea of ABC Dating and the pic of Morgan “Lounging” leaves me yearning for a beach day. As for the weka bird, you’ll be proud of Sam for answering a GA Junior Ranger question about a baby American Coot bird this month and he won our family a 2013 GA state park pass. (Joel & I gotta get on board the bird train with the rest of yah!) Happiest Thanksgiving to you and your NZ family – The Alsobrooks

  • atlantamomzilla

    * ! Look what happens when you feed ‘em ! * Sam(10), Seth (8), Slater (5) & Sunny-Lee (2)

  • atlantamomzilla

    It’s not Christmas without a trip to … the Pig! Hoping this brings back a few childhood memories, The Alsobrooks