So, while we are still on the job hunt, we have discovered a few fun things to do around Christchurch that do not require a lot of money. One of our new favourites is tramping in the Port Hills.

To begin, “tramping” is the kiwi term for “hiking”. However, most kiwi tramps are of the more serious nature, as they often span multiple days over mountains far more menacing than the foothills that surround Christchurch. However, because I was wearing my cowboy boots and not proper footwear, I’m glad this was more of a leisurely hike.

Our favourite destination to overlook the city (Mt. Cavendish) has been shut down due to rock slides from the earthquakes. Little did we know how many alternative trails were still available! We typically start the day researching job opportunities. Near noon, we tend to get antsy to go outdoors. Our afternoons often consist of bike riding through the city, visiting the Canterbury museum, walking through Hagley Park, or miscellaneous errands. The museum has a new wing dedicated in remembrance of the earthquakes. We were able to listen to police dispatch recordings right after the earthquake occurred, see fault lines, and learn a lot more about the force behind shifting tectonic plates. It was very eye-opening. Today however, we decided to picnic overlooking the city. Check out the view!

Our View from the Picnic Table

Behind us (above) is a view of the Southern Alps. The south island where we are currently living is known for massive mountains scattered across its surface. Their snow-capped peaks are quite beautiful in the winter. These are the mountains we must cross in order to reach the West Coast.

Overlooking Lyttelton Harbour
Sheep are ever present in New Zealand

Kate D., your request for a sheep picture has officially been delivered!

Overlooking the Southern Alps
Sunset over the Southern Alps

Despite the cold that started leaking its way through our jerseys (kiwi term for jackets/sweaters), we managed to stay atop the foothills long enough to watch the sun begin to descend behind the peaks. We truly serve a God who is an artist in creation!

Stunning Sunset over the City

Ev finally is going to achieve his long-awaited goal of skiing tomorrow with some friends near Hanmer. While the boys go skiing, I on the other hand will be taking a dip in the Hot Springs with the girls! We’re happy to be quickly making new friends (while still missing and cherishing our old ones!)

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