Here in New Zealand they speak English. There are, however, a few nuances that make their version a little different than American english. We’ve taken the time to define some terms for you, just in case we start using them here on the blog or if you ever make it out for a visit…

Sweet as = That is sweet!

In America, we might say “sweet as honey” or “cheap as dirt.” Here, they ignore the simile and just finish with “as.” While “sweet as” is most popular, you can attach “as” to any adjective and it will work. “Today is sunny as!” or “It’s cold as outside!”

Epic = Awesome.

In a sentence: “Let’s play some cricket! That will be epic!”

Average = Pathetic.

“I hate it when people lie, it’s so average.”

Cheers = Thanks!

Cheers for letting me borrow some pants today.”

Heaps = a lot.

“We had heaps of food for dinner tonight.”

Jersey = A pullover or zip up jacket/sweater.

“It’s cold outside, don’t forget to wear a jersey!”

Keen = interested, up for it

“The weather today is sweet as. Are you keen to play some rugby?”

Rubbish = Trash Can

“Throw that old, stinky jersey into the rubbish.”

Togs = Bathing Suit

“If you’re keen, don’t forget to bring your togs. There will be heaps of swimming pools at Hanmer Springs. It’s going to be epic.”

  • atlantamomzilla

    Evan & Morgan – It’s ONLY the end of September and I finally feel like the rug is back under my feet and that we’re in some kind of a school groove. Naturally, Sam misses you and is convinced that he’ll never – ever have a cool teacher again in his life. Just wanted to post a very ‘average’ message and tell you that we all wore our ‘jerseys’ this morning as the weather has turned cool here in the A.T.L. Anyway, Sam & Seth raced the IronKids triathalon on Sunday and Sam thought you’d think it was ‘epic’ since you were aware he’d raced last year and asked that I let you know. BTW, he bestest his time by over 3 min. You are both dearly missed around the halls at GOES and we wish you well in your adventure and can’t wait to read more. XOXO – Joel & Cindi Burck Alsobrook and Sam (9), Seth (7), Slater (5) & Sunny-Lee (2)

  • JR

    “Epic” blog guys! ;)