Welcome to our new blog! We’re starting out with huge news. In fact, this is the entire reason we started this blog.

Get ready…

We are moving to New Zealand! We leave on July 3, 2012. How long will we be gone? Not sure yet. Probably 2-3 years. What will we do there? Not sure either, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out!

Now, we want to stay connected with you, so we’ll be posting stories, pictures, videos, and more all right here. We’ve made it really easy to subscribe to this blog. If you use some kind of feedreader, you can subscribe here. If you don’t know what a feed reader is and just want to get an e-mail every time we post something new, you can do so below.

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Thanks for being our friend! We are so excited to move, but we will miss you all so much! Everyone who reads this blog has an open invitation to visit us. Hope to see you there!

  • Laura Mcbryar

    We’re so excited for you guys and for what the Lord has planned!

  • Jennifer G

    So excited for ya’ll. You will be missed but I love knowing I can check in on your exciting adventure here!

  • Dawnsndrs

    so excited for the both of you! Live your life to the fullest! :)

  • Stacy Jurick

    Good Luck with your new adventure!

  • The Nichols Fam

    What a cool adventure!!  We will miss both of you so much!!  But we know that this is where God is calling you and that He will bless you abundantly for your obedience.  I know we’ll be keeping in touch.  I’ll be praying for you while in Kosovo too!!  God Speed!!  We love you!  Cindy, Nicole & Jay

  • AlexMaeland

    Nice – I hope you come back with an accent. I’m working on my asian one as we speak

  • Charles

    I hope you both enjoy your time and have a wonderful time.
    God is calling for some reason and you both will be very blessed. Our prayers
    are with you and may God watch over you guys and keep you safe. God Bless and
    best wishes on your new adventure.